Getting Some ‘Me’ Time

Despite being single and having limited social commitments during the week, I have often found it dififcult to find time to exercise, write, or do my daily mindfulness meditations.  I work precise hours, and am usually home at exactly the same time, except if I have taken a detour to the supermarket  or the nearby fresh food market.

A few days ago, I did something different. As soon as I got home, I switched off my cellphone and deactivated the WiFi on my laptop.


I did a 40 minute kettlebell workout, and a 15 minute heavy bag workout, the chocolate meditation from mindfulness and then another 20 minute mindfulness session. I also read a few chapters of ‘The Hiram Key’, and tucked in to bed on schedule.

The next day, I did something similar. Only, instead of switching off my phone, I put it on silent mode. After I accomplished what I wanted to, I spent 15 minutes returning the calls and messages that I had missed, and another 10 minutes on the net, responding to email and Facebook messages. The urgency of getting to bed cut short any impulses to linger online for a while.

Here’s my theory:

Progress or achievement are driven by action, but lots of the activities that we occupy our time with are passive.

TV, Facebook, aimless web surfing, video games, etc, are actually time vampires that add little value to our lives for the time that they consume.

Now Don’t get me wrong – I think Facebook is an amazing way to stay in touch, and I really enjoy watching a nice movie – I also check everytime I need a laugh. However, don’t most people feel that they spend far more time online than they should?

I can imagine that if you have greater responsibilites like multiple jobs and kids, you might find it harder to make time, but you can start with finding your time vampires. Dealing with them will help you find the ‘me’ time.

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